Serenade 1 [1958]
For Clar,Mandolin, Violin, Cello and Piano

Two Preludes for Piano [1958]

Sonata for Piano 4 hands [1959]
First performed in Aspen Colorado

Sound Blocks: an Heroic Vision [1961]
For 2 Xylophones, violin, cello, 4 Lighting Flats and 2 Tape Recorders

Music Director for the Ann Halprin Dance Company [1961-66]

5 Legged Stool [US Premiere 1962, European Premiere 1963]
Collaboration with Ann Halprin Dance Company

Co-Founder and Director of the SF Tape Music Center [1961-65]

Taught at Mills College [1959-65]

Theatre Piece after Sonnet 47 of Petrarch [1961-63]
60 minutes. For Viola, Tape, Two Dancers and Light Show
Premiered at the San Francisco Tape Music Center in October, 1963.

Play! No. 1 [1963]
For WW Quintet, Piano, Tape and Film by Tony Martin
Premiered at the SF Tape Music Center

Play! No. 2 [1964]
For Orchestra, Conductor and Tape Premiered by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. Composer conducting

Mandolin [touring version of Theatre Piece after Sonnet 47 of Petrarch]
14 minutes For Viola, Tape and Light Show Premiered at the San Francisco Tape Music Center in October, 1964.

Parades and Changes [US Premiere 1964, UCLA]
Collaboration with Ann Halprin Dance Company

Play! No. 3 [1965]
For Pianist/Mime, Tape, and 16mm Film by Tony Martin Commissioned by Leonard Stein, and premiered by him at the Pasadena Art Museum, Pasadena, California in March, 1965.

Play! No. 4 [1965]
For soprano, vibraphone, Cello, 4 "Game Players", 2 "Game conductors" and two 16mm Films by Tony Martin Premiered at the University of Washington, Seattle, supervised by the composer, Spring, 1965.

First Director of Music for the Vivean Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center [1966]
Wrote Music for: The Caucasian Chalk Circleand Danton's Death

Parades and Changes [NY Premiere 1966, Hunter College]
Collaboration with Ann Halprin Dance Company

Artist in Residence at NYU School of the Arts [1966-1969]

Director of The Electric Circus in NY a Multimedia Disco tech [1967-1958]

Silver Apples of the Moon [1967]
Commissioned by Nonesuch Records

The Wild Bull [1968]
Commissioned by Nonesuch Records

Touch [1969]
Commissioned by Columbia Records

Joined team to plan Cal Arts [1969]

Started the Electronic Music Studio at Univ. of Pittsburgh [1969]

Cal Arts opens Became Associate Dean of Music [1970-1974]

Sidewinder [1971]
Commissioned by Columbia Records

Walker Art Center: Game Room Installation [1972]

Multi Media version of Four Butterflies [1973]

Resigned as Associate Dean of Music at Cal Arts and became head of Composition [1974]

Two Butterflies [1974]
for Amplified Orchestra 1232-3301; Timp; Perc (solo and tutti); Harp; Strings Commissioned by the NEA for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, premiered on April 17, 1975 conducted by Zubin Mehta.

Before the Butterfly [1975]
for Orchestra and 7 Amplified Instruments Soloists: Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Harp, Violin, Viola, Cello 2222-3221; Timp; Perc (3); Cel; Strings A Bicentennial Commission by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony, New York Philharmonic, Cleveland Orchestra, Philadelphia Orchestra, and Boston Symphony Orchestra. Premiered by the Los Angeles Philharmonic in April 1976 conducted by Zubin Mehta.

Until Spring [1975]
Commissioned by Columbia Records

Ten [1963, revised 1976]
Fl, Ob, Tpt, Tbn, Perc (3), Pf, Va, DB

Two Life Histories [1977]
For Clarinet, Male voice and an Electronic Ghost Score Text: Greek mythology and Old Testament Premiered by Marvin Hayes (voice) with the composer (cl.) at the Theater Vanguard, Los Angeles, in April, 1977.

Liquid Strata [1977]
Version for Piano and Electronic Ghost Score Commissioned and premiered by Ralph Grierson at the Ojai Festival in May, 1977.

Passages of the Beast [1978]
For Clarinet and Electronic Ghost Score Commissioned by the International Clarinet Society.

Parallel Lines [1978]
For Piccolo, Electronic Ghost Score, and 9 Players Ob/E.H., Cl/Bass Cl, Tpt, Tbn, Harp, Perc (2), Va, Vc, Commissioned by Lawrence Trott and the International Piccolo Society. Premiered at the Contemporary Music Festival, Valencia, California, in March, 1979. and premiered by Ramon Kireilis at the International Clarinet Congress, Toronto, in June,1978.

The Wild Beasts [1978]
For Trombone, Piano, and Electronic Ghost Score Commissioned by Miles Anderson. Premiered by Miles Anderson and Virko Baley at the Contemporary Music Festival,Valencia, California in March, 1978.

A Sky of Cloudless Sulfur [1978]
Commissioned by the J.B. Lansing Speaker Company

After the Butterfly [1979]
For Trumpet, Electronic Ghost Score, and 7 Players 2 Cl, 2 Tbn, 2 Vc, Perc. Commissioned by Mario Guarneri, premiered at the Monday Evening Concerts, Los Angeles, in October, 1979.

Place [1979]
3333-5331; Timp; Perc (3); Harp; Celeste; Mandolin; Strings Commissioned and premiered by the Oregon Symphony, Portland, in March, 1979 conducted by Lawrence Smith.

The Last Dream of the Beast [1979]
Soprano, cello section, tape and ghost electronics An aria from The Double Life of Amphibians

Began working at IRCAM on the commission of The Double Life of Amphibians [1979]

The First Dream of Light [1980]
Tuba and Electronic Ghost Score Commissioned by Roger Bobo. Premiered at the Los Angeles Philharmonic Composer's Choice Series in February, 1980.

DAAD grant, lived in Berlin [1981]

Ascent Into Air [1981]
Chamber Ensemble and Computer 2 Vc, Cl, Bass Cl, Tbn, Bass Tbn, 4 Percs, 2 Pfs, Computer. Commissioned by Mme. Pierre Schlumberger, Centre Georges Pompidou, and premiered by the Ensemble Intercontemporain conducted by Peter Eotvos at IRCAM in Paris, January 18-21, 1982.

A Fluttering of Wings [1981]
For String Quartet with or without an Electronic Ghost Score Commissioned by the NEA for the Juilliard String Quartet. Premiered at the Library of Congress on October 14, 1982.

An Arsenal of Defense [1982]
Solo Viola and Electronic Ghost Score Commissioned and premiered by John Graham on November 7, 1982 at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Axolotl [1982]
Version for Solo Cello and Electronic Ghost Score Commissioned and premiered by Joel Krosnick at the Library of Congress on February 13, 1981.

Axolotl [1982]
Version for Solo Cello, an Electronic Ghost Score, and Chamber Orchestra 1020-0020; Perc (2); Harp; Piano; 8 Cellos; 4 Basses Premiered at the Monday Evening Concerts, Los Angeles, on February 15, 1982.

Trembling [1983]
For Violin, Piano, Tape, and Electronic Ghost Score Commissioned by The Library of Congress.

The Double Life of Amphibians [1984]
Chamber Orchestra, Two Male Singers, One Female Singer, Dancer, Electronics. Premiered at the Los Angeles Olympic Arts Festival, 1984, Lee Brewer, Director, Irving Petlin, Designer.

Return [1984]
Commissioned in honor of Haley's Comet

The Key to Songs [1985]
2 Pianos, 2 Percs (mallet insts.), Va, Vc, Electronic Sounds All instruments amplified. Commissioned by the Fromm Foundation.

Residency at MIT [1985]
Conceived 'Interactor'

Hungers [1986]
with Ed Emshwiller
For Keyboard, Mallets, Cello, Voice, Female Javanese dancer, Video, Lights, and Computer Commissioned by the Los Angeles Festival and the Linz Ars Electronica Festival. Premiered at the Los Angeles Festival, 1986.

In Two Worlds (Saxophone Concerto) [1987]
for Soloist doubling on Yamaha WX7 Computerized Wind Controller and Alto Saxophone, with Chamber Orchestra and Computer Premiered by the Electric Orchestra conducted by Richard Gonsky with John Sampen, soloist, January 1988, Cambridge, England.

And the Butterflies Begin to Sing [1988]
Chamber Ensemble and Computer 2 Vn, Va, Vc, DB, MIDI keyboard, Computer Commissioned by the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival. First performance July 31, 1988 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A Desert Flowers [1989]
for Orchestra and Computer 1011-1111; Marimba; Perc (1); Piano; Strings (or amplified solo strings)

Jacob's Room [1990-93]
Opera for 1 Singer, Cello, and Computer. New Music Theater Festival, Philadelphia, Spring 1993

All My Hummingbirds Have Alibis [1992]
25 minutes flute, cello, midi piano, midi mallets and computer premiered at the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival Summer of 1992

The Key to Songs
Concerto Version for Two Pianos, Orchestra, and Computer. Commissioned by Betty Freeman. The Los Angeles Philharmonic, April 1992.

All My Hummingbirds Have Alibis (CD-ROM)[1993]

Angel Concerto [model for a telecommunication opera] [1994]
for two singers and keyboard player. The opera takes place in three locations simultaneously. Each character is actually in a different location and the other two are 'virtually' in that location. The premiere was in NY [the Kitchen] , Santa Monica [the Electronic Cafe] and Santa Fe [Site Santa Fe].

Making Music. A CD-ROM for Children [1994-95]

Intimate Immensity [1997]
A Media Poem [Interactive Technology] 80 minutes Two, disclaviers, Two singers, Balinese Dancer and interactively controlled laser discs, computer sound and lights. world premiere at Lincoln center Festival Summer 1997

Making More Music. A CD-ROM for Children.[1996-97]

Echoes from the Silent Call of Girona [1998]
25 Minutes for String Quartet and CD-ROM commissioned by Southwest Chamber Music, Blair String Quartet, Chester String Quartet, and Montclaire String Quartet. Premiered at Zipper Hall in Los Angeles, Oct.'98


Gestures: CD-ROM
It Starts With Colors: Surround Sound [Electronic] Release of DVD Surround Sound [Mode] : Touch, A Sky of Cloudless Sulfur, It Starts with Colors.

String Orch, Voice, Electronics

Echoes from the Silent Call of Girona: String Orchestra Version


Release (2003)
For cl, vn, vc, pno and computer controlled surround sound commissioned by Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, Southwest Chamber Music, and Ensemble Sospeso.


Electronic Works Vol 2. CD/DVD
Sidewinder, Until Spring [CD]; Sidewinder: Surround Sound with Liquid Light Show by Toni Martin, Until Spring: Surround Sound [DVD] [Mode].
Silver Apples of the Moon
New version of the seminal Nonesuch recording, revised for live performance in multichannel surround sound [Premiered: Ojai Festival, Ojai, California]
Until Spring Revisited
Created from the 1975 Columbia Records commission for live performance in Surround Sound [Premiered: Sounds Like Now Festival, La Mama, New York, NY].
Parades and Changes
Re-creation of the original work with the Ann Halprin Dance company [Paris, France] Hearing Music
Children's CD-ROM
Zimmer Children's Museum
Children's interactive exhibit from the Making Music CD-ROM series [Zimmer Children's Musem, Los Angeles, CA]
Playing Music
Children's CD-ROM
Making Music Pilot Program
Children's music education workshops based on Making Music CD-ROM series with additional curricular materials [Pasadena, CA and New York, NY].